How to Become a Provider

Getting started as a 1.800MD provider is not difficult.


Phase 1: Initial Screen

  • Please send Curriculum Vitae to 1.800MD for initial screening.
  • Email:
  • Fax: 704.926.2045

Phase 2: Agreement

A 1.800MD representative will schedule a call to discuss the network agreement and terms. Once the terms are agreed to, the network agreement will be executed by all parties.

Phase 3: Credentialing

1.800MD will provide forms and required documentation for our credentialing process. Please complete/compile the required forms and documentation and return to 1.800MD. 1.800MD will then initiate and complete the credentialing process.

Phase 4: Training and Activation

Upon successful completion of the credentialing process, your information will be added to the 1.800MD Provider database as an authorized provider. A 1.800MD Provider database as an authorized provider. A 1.800MD representative will provide you with access credentials and training for the 1.800MD Physician Portal. You will then be scheduled “on-call” and begin to receive calls from our customer care center.

Contact 1.800MD at 704.247.9197 for more information or to get started.