Behavioral Health How it works & FAQ

How it Works.

We believe behavioral and mental health are just as important as physical health and should be conveniently accessible to you.

  1. Intake- Simply log in to your member portal and complete your Behavioral Health Intake Form. Follow the instructions on the screen after you submit your Intake Form.
  1. Assessment- Complete your assessment by speaking with a Clinical Manager to determine your individual plan of care. Schedule a session(s) at a time convenient for you.
  1. Receive Care- Utilizing a secure videoconferencing system, connect with your clinician from the comfort and privacy of your own home or other locations via Smart Phone or other connected device


  •  What is Tele-Behavioral Health?
    It is just what you might expect – mental health services conducted via secure, live, interactive video conferencing on your computer, Smart Phone or other connected devices.
  • Are Behavioral Health services available after hours and on weekends?
    The assessment which is used in evaluating treatment needs is online and available 24/7/365. Following that, treatment services are available by scheduled appointment including evenings and weekends. Please note that our service is not designed to deliver emergency services.
  • Are telebehavioral health visits covered by my health insurance plan?
    Generally, yes. If you decide that you want to use tele-behavioral treatment services, we will review your coverage and advise you of any responsibility you may have for out-of-pocket costs.
  • What will I have to do to utilize telebehavioral services?
    When we work with you to schedule your initial tele-behavioral health visit, we will assist you in how you will set yourself up for the visit. Our system is simple and has been tested for patient and provider ease of use.

  • Is there a minimum age requirement?
    Yes, our age requirement is 14 years of age and older.